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Client Comments

"The file reflects that during the investigation stages of this file, you zeroed in on the key issues and then during the negotiation stages, you used some 'tough minded' techniques to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement.  You handled this claim in excellent fashion from start to finish."

"The professionalism with which you handled this case is appreciated."

"It was a pleasure to meet you and to experience the high degree of professionalism you exude while performing your trade as an adjuster."

"Thank you for your excellent work on this file."

"We will honor your total invoice for good service rendered.  I will not hesitate to use your fine service anytime we need to in your area."

"You helped maintain that delicate balance between the customer and the company, which is so important in today's competitive market."

"We want to thank you for the good and thorough investigations you made of the incident."

"In my insurance defense practice, I have never before had the benefit of the thorough investigative work which your firm can do and did in this case."

"It is a pleasure having you handle our claims in this area and thank you for an excellent job."

"Again, thank you for a job well done and I can assure you that I will call upon you again in the near future."

"The job done in investigating and preparing this case is excellent."

"Your investigative work at the scene on the day of the accident furnished the backbone of our entire defense."

"You and the people in your firm are true professionals in every sense of the word, and I only wish there were more of you around."

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